Deftones' Chino Moreno

Deftones’ Chino Moreno Reveals The Influential Songs In His Life


Deftones vocalist/guitarist Chino Moreno opened up with Rolling Stone Australia to share a variety of influential albums through his life. Some excerpts from the feature include:

The Song That Makes Me Want to Stage Dive:

Bad BrainsFearless Vampire Killers“, 1982
“This song is about a minute long. It’s super-fast and it’s aggro from start to finish. Every time I hear it it’s like one of those old super-fast punk jams that are just undeniable – it’s like, get in the pit and start swinging, leap off the stage or whatever floats your boat. Bad Brains are another one of my favourite bands.”

The Song That Reminds Me of Touring:

DownStone the Crow“, 1995
“When we first started touring in ’96 we were in a van, four guys, a tech and a tour manager. There were no iPhones back then so whatever CD somebody put on was what you were all listening to. So Stephen [Carpenter, guitar] put this record on. He played this CD so much that we threw the CD out the window. There’s a song on that album, ‘Stone the Crow‘, I heard it the other day and it took me straight back to being in the van, on tour.”

The Song I’m Proudest Of:

Deftones Anniversary of An Uninteresting Event“, 2003
“I think mostly I’m proud of that song because I think I wrote most of that song from scratch with no real other input. I don’t really play the piano, and one day I was walking through the studio while we were making that record. I just sat down at the piano and started noodling around and our producer Terry Date started recording. I put the vocals on it and then it was this song that wasn’t really meant to be, but just happened. I feel like it’s a pretty honking tune, and I’m pretty proud of that one.”

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