Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence Guitarist Says New Album Is “The Furthest We’ve Dove Into Ourselves”


Suicide Silence guitarist Mark Heylmun was recently interviewed by Metal Wani and spoke about the band’s forthcoming new album which they recorded earlier this year with producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot). At the time of the interview, Heylmun mentioned that the album had yet to be mixed or mastered, but he did share the following of it:

“It’s the furthest we’ve dove into ourselves as a band and as individual artists. We really went into this record as if it was going to be… With no intention of calling the band quits, we kind of just put it out saying, if we all die after this record came out, let’s just pretend that this is the last thing that we’re ever going to be able to write. Like don’t hold anything back, just go for it. Play what you feel and let your heart be the guide.

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It was a very fun process to put together and to work on. But at the same time, it was one of those things where we were just an open book for each other. The songs we were writing, the topics of them, were very personal. …We’re not really kids anymore so this record is where we’re at now, what we’ve been through and it’s going to be an adventure, it’s a journey. I’ve got the record right now on my phone and I still listen to it almost every day cause I love it so much, and it’s not even mixed yet.”

If you missed the news earlier today, the band have announced that they will co-headline the ‘Straight Outta Hell Tour‘ with Whitechapel. Carnifex, Despised Icon and Oceano will also appear on the bill.

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