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Underoath Frontman Spencer Chamberlain On Their Reunion: “All The Bullshit Is Gone”


Underoath frontman Spencer Chamberlain got together with for a chat that covered the band’s return and his future plans for his other outfit, Sleepwave. Chamberlain went on to explain that Underoath‘s original breakup has had a positive effect on the band and just how toxic their relationship had become when they first called it quits back in 2013. He spoke of that:

“Honestly, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened. I’ve spent more time with those dudes than anyone else in my entire life; I grew up with them on the road. We had a huge falling out; we burnt it down on both ends to the point where we said, “Fuck you, fuck you, I never want to talk to you again,” and walked away from everything thinking it would never happen again.

But if you know anything about family, that’s never gonna be the case. You’re going to have a falling-out with your mom, or your dad or your brother at some point in your life, [but] it’ll come back around and heal. Time finds its way into your heart for accepting forgiveness and forgiving others. I think [the breakup] was something that had to happen.

And looking back on it now, that’s a strange thing to say because in the [farewell] documentary [‘Tired Violence‘], I was kinda the last man standing and was really upset. Everyone else was done with it; I was like, “No, I wanna keep going. Why are we walking away?” But now that we did, and no matter how hurt I was, I think after time passed we healed our relationships.

I wouldn’t change it for the world, because now we’re closer than we’ve ever been. We love each other again like we did when we were kids. All the bullshit is gone, and we learned how to except each other as the men we are today. I don’t think that could’ve happened without a huge breakup. Everything happens for a reason, and now that I can be onstage with those dudes and play songs that I’ve poured my heart and soul into, I actually want to be there again.

I look off the stage when [we’re] playing and I see these people so excited that we’re back; then I look across the stage and see [that] my five best friends have the same feeling as the people in the crowd and myself—there’s no price tag on that. Now that all the people who are on that stage want to be there again, it makes the band even better than it was in the first place. It’s kinda wild that we’re stronger and better than we used to be.

We’re happy, we love each other and we respect each other. Now, with [that] headspace, it’s not one of those things where it’s just gonna fade out again. We’ve looked at running this band a different way, and that’s just doing things when they make sense—when we feel like they make sense. As opposed to, “Every two years we gotta release a record; we have to tour 10 months out of the year,” cause that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

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