Metallica's Record Store Day Release

Metallica’s Deluxe “No Life ‘Til Leather” Box Set Shelved By Legal Issues


Though a limited cassette release of Metallica‘s early 80’s demo tape, “No Life ‘Til Leather“, arrived on Record Store Day 2015, the expanded box set edition on other formats has yet to materialize. It turns out legal problems have prevented that release, as drummer Lars Ulrich has told Metal Forces:

“There were some unexpected difficulties on the legal side that prevented the No Life ’Til Leather box set and our vision for how we were going to kick this whole reissue series off. We spent some time doing that dance, but then James [Hetfield] and I decided that it wasn’t worth it getting bogged down in all the unpleasantries, because this was supposed to be a celebration and not end up being a tug of war, so we thought, you know what, fuck it, we’ll just move on to Kill ’Em All.”

Despite the setback, Ulrich remains hopeful that things may come together for the reissue at some point. For more on that head to Metal Forces.

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