Machine Head's Robb Flynn

Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Received Thousands Of Death Threats For Calling Out Phil Anselmo Over Racist Gestures


With their new song “Is There Anybody Out There?” officially available, Machine Head have shared the second video documenting the making of it. The second half of the video (skip to 13 minutes in) chronicles the experience Flynn had at this year’s ‘Dimebash‘ event and how he did indeed call out Phil Anselmo with the new song. Anselmo of course made numerous racist gestures onstage at the ‘Dimebash‘ event, shouting “white power” while giving a seig heil, once while Flynn was even onstage with him. Flynn was among the first to publicly condemn Anselmo for his actions. The lyrics that target Anselmo in the new song include:

“Now I stand as a father, to men with no honor
Ashamed of the racists I used to call brothers
Cause no flag can mean bravery,
when bloodied by slavery,
The rebel, a devil, disguised as a savior
And the sickening feeling in the air
Is the fear to speak that no one dares
So will I stand here all alone?

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The video goes on to chronicle the internal debate that ensued as a result of the revised lyrics for the song, which were rewritten in the wake of the ‘Dimebash‘ event. It also reveals that following Flynn‘s initial video, in which he called out Anselmo, he received 1,000’s of death threats directed towards him. Furthermore, alleged neo-nazis tracked down his home phone # and made threats to his wife and kids in the wake of the clip.

It’s a revealing look, showcasing Flynn‘s mindset before releasing the original ‘Racism In Metal’ video and what he’s had to deal with in its wake. As for the song itself, a digital single was released today (June 03rd) and a 7″ release is planned for July 22nd. For a stream of it, head here.

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