Phil Anselmo

Robb Flynn Seems To Have Called Out Phil Anselmo On New Machine Head Song


Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn himself stated that the band’s newly debuted song, “Is There Anybody Out There“, is about: “love, loneliness, racism, and not getting what is going on in the world/America.” A look at the lyrical content seems to suggest it may also address the actions of Phil Anselmo at the ‘Dimebash‘ event this past January.

At that event, Anselmo made numerous racist gestures onstage before later shouting “white power” while giving a seig heil. Flynn himself was onstage with Anselmo at one point during the night and was also one of the first to publicly call him out for his actions. In the lyrics for the aforementioned new song, Flynn in part sings:

“Now I stand as a father, to men with no honor
Ashamed of the racists I used to call brothers
Cause no flag can mean bravery,
when bloodied by slavery,
The rebel, a devil, disguised as a savior
And the sickening feeling in the air
Is the fear to speak that no one dares
So will I stand here all alone?

Live my life like I’ll die tonight
Dream like I’ll live forever
I have roared at the world for years
Doesn’t anybody hear me?
This burden suffered, I’ve paid the cost
Not all who wander are lost”

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