Glenn Danzig On Misfits Reunion: “You’ve Got To Enjoy It And Let It Happen Before Everybody Dies”


Glenn Danzig has given his thoughts on choosing to reunite with the Misfits for two live appearances at this year’s ‘Riot Fest‘ shows. Speaking to, he mentioned that his own mortality and that of his bandmates played a part in the reconciliation:

“It’s been a shock to see so many musicians dying this year. A lot of them weren’t really that old. David Bowie‘s death came out of the blue, as did Prince‘s. And I’ve said it before with Peter Steele and Dio: If you’re a music fan, you think these artists will be here forever, but you should enjoy them while they’re here, because you never know what will happen. You’ve got to enjoy it and let it happen before everybody dies.”

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As his Misfits bandmate Jerry Only revealed last week, a trademark lawsuit opened the original lines of communication between the estranged pair of Danzig and Only. Billed as ‘The Original Misfits‘, the reunited pair will be joined by Doyle Von Frankenstein and a drummer to be named this week at the following shows:

09/02-04 Denver, CO – National Western Complex (‘Riot Fest‘)
09/16-18 Chicago, IL – Douglas Park (‘Riot Fest‘)