Danny Worsnop

Danny Worsnop Says Asking Alexandria “Lost Its Artistic Integrity”


Former Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop has spoken with of his current plans, which include kicking hard drugs, his solo country album and the sophomore album from We Are Harlot. Though Worsnop is embracing a ‘sober’ lifestyle, he makes no bones about continuing to drink, with no plans to stop anytime soon. During the course of the chat Worsnop also took a somewhat passive shot at his former band, Asking Alexandria. When asked of his current priorities between his various projects, he offered:

“My priority always lies with my art, and that has never changed and will never change. I ended up leaving [Asking Alexandria] because it lost the art to me. It lost its artistic integrity in my eyes. It was just selling out and that’s not what I do. People are wondering if there’s going to be a second Harlot record and yes, there will be. It won’t be this year, but there will definitely be another Harlot record next year.

The band still exists. Since getting to Nashville, I wrote another 17 songs for my solo record. I’m still of two minds about how to release the album. I’m tempted to do something I know fans will love but the record labels and publishers will not, which is to release a double album. The idea of doing a double-disc with like 30 songs really appeals to me. How many years have I talked about this solo album? Four years? I want to give it to the world.”

Of course Worsnop isn’t exactly firing the first shot here, as various members of the band have made some thinly veiled comments regarding Worsnop‘s passion for the work in the past.

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