Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria’s Denis Stoff Thinks Fans Are Excited That He “Actually Cares” About What He’s Doing


Former Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop‘s time with the band was certainly a roller coaster ride, and though not alone, his battles with addiction and excess led to some sad moments, like  this trainwreck performance. Given events such as that and Worsnop‘s own admitted disinterest in the heavier music leading up to his January 2015 departure, his replacement Denis Shaforostov (aka Denis Stoff) wasn’t above taking a bit of a passive shot at Worsnop‘s tenure in the band.

Speaking of his own favorite tracks on Asking Alexandria‘s upcoming new album “The Black” (out March 25th) in the latest issue of Revolver, Shaforostov said of the song “Undivided“:

“It’s about the band staying together and being undivided no matter what. When I joined the band we never knew what to expect. We hoped for the best and everything worked out even better than we could have imagined. All the fans took the change really well and they seem to be more excited than they’ve ever been. I guess they’re excited there’s a singer in the band who actually cares about what he’s doing.”