Disturbed's David Draiman

Disturbed’s David Draiman On Calling Out Woman For Texting: “I Meant It All In Good Fun”


Disturbed frontman David Draiman and bassist John Moyer have further spoken of Draiman‘s decision to berate a female concertgoer for being more interested in her phone than the band’s set in Texas last month. The nature of the conversation that woman was involved in (her daughter was in a hail storm) was revealed later, causing Draiman to apologize for his actions. Recently asked about the matter by KFMA 102.1 in the below interview, Draiman and Moyer further commented on the matter:

“In all honesty, and to hopefully finally put this baby to bed, it was all meant tongue in cheek, in all honesty. I don’t know if you actually ever saw the video clip that went viral, but I was like lighthearted, and laughing about it on stage. I was only trying to draw her in and engage her, not really attack her for doing whatever she was doing on the cell phone; that’s her own business. And you know what? Truth be told, that’s my bad. Truth be told. Because I had no idea what she had going on, I wasn’t privy to the kind of crisis she was dealing with, and I meant it all in good fun. She, unfortunately, took it the wrong way, and I feel bad about that, and that’s the truth.

We never wanna make anyone who comes to any of our shows feel like they’re not welcome or that they leave with any kind of negative feeling. So that really wasn’t the intention. The whole thing got spun from all kinds of directions inappropriately, ’cause that’s what people do. But I genuinely don’t want to make any Disturbed fan feel like they don’t belong. They all belong. And they’ve certainly earned the right to do whatever it is that they wanna do during our performance. And me, as the frontman, I just try to bring everybody in.”

Moyer then contributed:

David‘s always had a long history of, anybody who seems distracted or not into the show, he engages them, and that’s part of what makes him a great frontman. And what happened with this cell phone incident, for whatever reason, turned into sort of a bigger deal than, really… We were just blown away by it, because he’s always… Anytime you come to a Disturbed show, you know that David‘s paying attention. I mean, she should be, like, ‘Oh my God! I can’t even believe this guy even noticed me.’ You know? And he does. He notices everyone in the crowd. He not only sings to the audience, but he makes sure that everyone is part of the experience. And when you’re not, he focuses on you, and he brings you in, and that’s all that was about.”

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