Geoff Rickly Talks Of Thursday’s Legacy & Plans For New Material, Dissolving Collect Records


Thursday/United Nations/No Devotion frontman Geoff Rickly has spoke to about his current happenings and the upcoming return of Thursday. Rickly tells them that while they only have confirmed this year’s ‘Wrecking Ball ATL‘ festival, they’re not adverse to playing further shows. That said, they haven’t been making new music in advance:

“…We haven’t even written anything or tried to get in a room and play yet. I’m not against it. We have differing ideas about that right now. We’ve sort of talked about it. We haven’t reached an agreement yet. We’ve watched lots of other people get back together in the last couple of years and we didn’t like a lot of what we’d seen in reunions. [Stridently.] “No, we don’t want to make a record! That band reformed and released that record and ruined their legacy!” Then there’s, “Yeah, but we’re going to write stuff that we like, so…” We’re going back and forth right now.”

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Rickly also reflected back on why he thinks the band’s legacy continues to this day:

“There’s something I hated at the time that I’m counting as a blessing now. At the time, I really hated the fact Thursday came up and inspired bands like Story Of The Year and The Used because I hated that [the scene] was turning into radio rock that was turning off the kinds of bands that I wanted to be influenced by us, making them do smart things with post-hardcore.

[Those bands] would think, “It’s totally played out and whitewashed, I’m going to move on to indie rock” or this or that. I resented it at the time because I wanted to have a bunch of really smart, interesting peers who pushed the art form to another level. Looking back on it, I feel like maybe part of the the reason Thursday is so relevant and pure is because there was this radio rush and the smart kids stopped making post-hardcore.

There aren’t that many great post-hardcore bands who came in the wake of Thursday doing this stuff. I think that’s why Thursday still stands up: There wasn’t a lot of great innovation in the wake of the band. And I owe that to bands that were more interested in radio hits—they helped preserve the vitality of Thursday. They chased away a lot of people from the form.”

Rickly is also involved legal proceedings  to dissolve his prior label Collect Records, thanks to the actions of its silent partner, Martin Shkreli. He reveals that of the roster, only two bands chose to remain on it when it was revealed Shkreli was involved. In turn, he is also in the process of finding a label home for No Devotion, his band with various former members of the Lostprophets. For more from Rickly head to

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