Ronnie Radke

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke On Fan Backlash: “The World Loves To Lift You Up Just To Tear You Down”


Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke is well aware of the backlash that has grown against him in recent years, though he doesn’t seem to approve of it. Radke himself has been a lightning rod for controversy, from his role in the fatal shooting of a man back in 2006 to being arrested for domestic violence back in 2012 as well as being arrested for injuring fans by throwing micstands into the crowd that year as well. More recently there was last year’s rape accusations. Tack on diss raps, public feuds with other bands and their fans and more and it’s not hard to see why Radke has a checkered reputation. Speaking via Twitter earlier this week, he offered via a series of tweets:

“My first album was driven from hatred,and anger,I was hailed a hero getting out of prison from being involved in a fight that killed someone No those same fans that praised me now spew hatred at me for throwing a mic stand into the crowd, and hate me, ironic.i brought it upon me The world loves to lift you up just to tear you down.”

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