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Deftones Speak On Their Internal Songwriting Tension


Various members of Deftones took part in a group interview with Rolling Stone, covering their recent music video shoot for “Prayer/Triangles“, the tension involved with the creation of their new album “Gore” and being in Paris, France during the terrorist attacks last November.

When it came to the well documented turmoil that goes into a Deftones album, guitarist Stephen Carpenter and his bandmates laughed off his behavior, which later started a firestorm thanks to this interview in which he stated he had trouble getting interested in the songwriting sessions at first. As stated in the past, the big source of tension was the song “Hearts/Wires“, which Carpenter had trouble getting into. He said of that:

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“That song made me think of Wild Bill [aka ‘Buffalo Bill from ‘Silence Of The Lambs‘] the whole time – psycho killer and shit. I just didn’t feel it. I had to embrace my inner psycho rapist and come up with the part and get into it.”

Frontman/guitarist Chino Moreno also commented of the struggles:

“A lot of the times it’s me trying to sell why something is so great: ‘Why don’t you understand how good this is?’ It probably goes both ways. It’s passion. I think that’s the bottom line. The fact that there’s that passion there keeps us going forward.”

Bassist Sergio Vega also shared his thoughts on how blown out of proportion the songwriting clashes of Moreno—who is often credited with the melodic side of the band—and Carpenter—known for the metal aspects—have become:

“People want to perceive it as the battle between melodies and the metal dude – they’re not coming in with songs like that. We write together. That whole thing is such bullshit, to be honest. It just drives me crazy.”

Gore” will be released next Friday, April 08th.

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