Police Recover Convictions’ Stolen Van & Trailer


Convictions‘ van and trailer have been recovered by the Irving Police Department in Irving, Texas after being stolen over the weekend. Though most of their gear was accounted for, various personal items and more were lost in the theft. That said, the band now estimate their losses at around $5,000-$7,000, which is a lot better than their previous estimate of $30,000. The band commented:

“We prayed for a miracle. We got one.
Thanks to the Irving Police Department in Texas, we have recovered our stolen van and trailer. This is amazing news. According to the police, it was hot-wired and our van was vandalized. EVERYTHING of value was taken out of our van. As far as the trailer, everything was secure and most of our gear accounted for.

We have suspended our GoFundMe campaign. We are MORE than willing to offer a FULL refund to anyone who has so generously donated. (Please do not hesitate to email us if you wish to have your money refunded at : [email protected])

If you wish to let us keep your donation it will still go towards the situation at hand. We are estimating $5-7k in financial losses which include the following:
-stolen gear
-auto repairs
-flight tickets
-tow/impound expenses
-stolen personal property
-hotel fees
-car rental fees
-missed compensation from shows

Eventually insurance will cover some of these losses. But not nearly everything. Our van is currently getting towed and looked at by the body shop. We hope to continue the tour as soon as tomorrow with Like Moths To Flames. We will be posting a video with footage and documentation of everything that happened.

The amount of prayer and support that everyone has given us has brought tears to our eyes. Evil tried to steal our dreams from us. Even if we couldn’t have recovered anything, we were still going to press on. You can steal our van, trailer, money, and gear. You can take everything. But you can’t take the song out of our hearts. You can’t take our faith.

God has answered our prayers. Miracles do exist. We will overcome.
If you have any questions feel free to message us. We will always be transparent with you all.”

As you can see below, the thieves made off with a lot more than just loose items:

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