Convictions’ Trailer & Gear Stolen In Texas, Gofundme Launched (Updated)


Update – March 21st 4:05pm:

The van and trailer have since been recovered by the police, read more about that here.

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Original Story:

Convictions‘ van, trailer and all their gear, etc. contained within was stolen at The Fairfeld Inn in Irving, TX over the weekend after the band performed at the annual ‘So What?! Festival‘. In light of pretty much losing everything, the band have launched this Gofundme to get back on their feet. They issued the following statements:

“We woke up this morning to our worst nightmare. Our van and trailer has been stolen.

We stayed at The Fairfield Inn in Irving Texas after playing So What Music Festival. We took all the precautions to keep our van safe. Security and everything. Backed the van into the building. The only way to rob us was to take the entire rig. And that’s what they did. We took every precaution to be safe. But somehow, we have NOTHING.

No van. No trailer. No gear. No merch. Absolutely nothing besides 4 backpacks and our phones. It also doesn’t help that we went THOUSANDS in debt for this tour.

We have filed a police report. We have done literally everything possible. We are at a complete loss for words. Everything has been taken from us. We need a miracle.

If you know ANYTHING. Please contact us. We don’t know what to do and it’s really hard to believe we will make it out of this hole. We need a miracle. We need a miracle. We need a miracle.

Here is the info for our van along with photos. Please pray. We need it now more than ever.
2003 Chevy Express
Ohio Plates : GNE2564

Please like and share. Get everyone you know to help make this viral. We need our home returned to us.

“As I’m sure most of you know, today we lost everything. I (Josh) am holding back tears writing this.
Our van and trailer was stolen from us last night after playing South by So What, and we are stranded in Texas. We have NOTHING. The thieves took EVERYTHING we worked our whole lives for. No van. No trailer. No money. No gear. They took our entire livelihood. All we have left is the clothes on our backs and thousands of dollars of debt we went into for our tour with Like Moths to Flames.

We created a gofundme if you wish to donate. Because we aren’t really sure how we can continue as a band if we can’t regain what is lost, if I’m being transparent. We are estimating 30,000 in losses. We will post a whole list of everything stolen soon.

Somehow, someway, we will persevere. We just need a miracle in order to do that. Please like this and share. We are in a dark place and don’t know how to move on without your help.



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