Concertgoer Fell From Upper Level Of Venue During Tool’s New Orleans, LA Show


A man fell from the upper level of the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, LA during Tool‘s set this past Sunday, January 31st. The extent of the fan’s injuries and whether or not they intentionally jumped or fell remain unknown at the current time. have word from the venue, who confirm the fall did happen and an investigation into the matter is ongoing. According to one concertgoer in attendance, the incident occurred during the band’s encore. A user over at Reddit claims to have been in attendance during the event, offering:

“Can confirm it did happen. I was on row 20 of section 110. Guy landed on row 21.5-ish. Happened right as Danny was about to start his drum solo following the intermission. Asshole landed on a couple of girls. One girl had an injured neck and the other kept holding her arm. After about 10 minutes police/paramedics determined guy was ok and lifted him up and escorted him out. I talked to a state trooper after the show still in our section and he said the guy was wasted and they took him into custody.”

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