911 Transcript Of Scott Weiland’s Death Released, Ex-Wife Seeks Executorship Of His Will


The Bloomington Police Department have released the transcript of the 911 call received regarding the death of ex-Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland back on December 03rd, 2015. You can find most of the transcript described via A report at sheds some more light on the matter as well, offering:

“In the bus, investigators found marijuana, prescription drugs, and cocaine. Band and crew told police Weiland had been drinking vodka and tequila quite heavily, was taking the heroin-blocker Subloxone, and prescriptions. They also said he used cocaine as recently as a week before his deaths, and took the drug, molly, a day or two before his death.”

They also note that bandmate Tommy Black was “not surprised that Weiland was dead.” Black himself was later arrested on drug possession charges due to authorities findings on the bus, though he was eventuallycleared of the charges.

In other news, report that Weiland‘s second ex-wife Mary Forsberg has filed court documents asking to be named the executor of his will, with his estate valued at around $2 million along with other undisclosed assets. Weiland was married to his third wife Jamie at the time of his passing.

Forsberg is the mother of Weiland‘s two children and having recently spoke out against his drug abuse in the past, recently penned this sobering letter, telling fans to not “glorify this tragedy.” Weiland‘s death was ruled an accidental overdose of cocaine, MDA and alcohol. He was 48-years-old.

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