Incubus Have Written Nearly An Album’s Worth Of New Material


Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd has spoken with regarding his art, his music and more. When the topic came to what’s next for the band, he offered:

“We actually had written almost another album worth of material before we left for the summer tour in the states. The plan was to come home, immediately record that material and have it out before the holidays. But we came home and started writing and then kept writing, and we started seeing ideas emerge that just eclipsed the other ones. So we decided to keep writing, and we’re sifting through tons of material, trying to create the best of the best. We plan on having new music out, I would assume by early 2016. We are definitely going to be on tour as well, from the spring on I would assume.”

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When asked if that material would be for the second part to their ‘Trust Fall‘ EP, he offered:

“As far as I know it will be Trust Fall Side B, but it will be a longer than an EP. There’s so much music that we are trying to focus on it being more of an extended thing. More of an LP.”

Earlier in the chat he further dove into the band’s progress:

“…Incubus is actively writing an album. We have so much material we are working with right now and we’re in the process of finding the best of the best. There will be new Incubus music very soon. Some mornings though, I feel more focused like, no no no, I have to work on this song because Mikey [EinzigerIncubus guitarist] and I are getting together later today and I have to finish this one line in the lyrics. So I will force myself to hunker down and focus on just that…”

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