Sevendust Singer Reflects On Their Limited Success In Nu Metal’s Heyday


With a career spanning over 20 years, Sevendust have seen the trends come and go. Given the 1997 release date of their self-titled debut album however, the group wound up emerging among the then ascendant nu metal scene. Singer Lajon Witherspoon was recently asked by Revolver in their latest issue if the band ever felt a part of that genre:

“Well, I mean, I guess. Let’s put it this way—we might have felt a part of that world when we would run into those guys at a concert or play a show with them, but then all of a sudden some of those bands might have gone platinum and we didn’t, so we might not have felt that way.”

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The conversation then shifted to Sevendust‘s longevity, to which Witherspoon continued:

“…At the end of the day, where are most of those bands now? I think a lot of those bands were one-hit-wonder type groups, and maybe had a song that might have been on TRL for a week but then they were gone. What we did is we kind of took the back roads. We stayed off the beaten path and built that strong stability. We didn’t necessarily take the route we wanted to go, but, hey, that’s probably why we’re still here.”

While Witherspoon and his bandmates may never have experienced the platinum level megastar status some of their peers did, they certainly did take in a fair measure of success on their own. Three of their albums, 1997’s self-titled album, 1999’s “Home” and 2001’s “Animosity” have all been certified gold by the RIAA for each selling over 500,000 copies in the United States alone.