Extensive White Zombie Vinyl Box Set To Feature Rarities, Rob Zombie Still Doesn’t Speak To Ex-Members


White Zombie have a vinyl box set due for a release in the spring/summer of next year. Ex-bassist Sean Yseult told Artisan News in the below interview that herself, former guitarist J. Yuenger and ex-vocalist Rob Zombie have all been involved in the creation of the effort, with over a year’s worth of work having gone into it. She commented:

“There’s, I think, fifty pages of liner notes. They’ve been interviewing us all for months and months. J. and I sent them all of our White Zombie ephemera— from t-shirts to old punk rock flyers to everything—and they did a beautiful job on the booklet. It’s gonna be a box set—all vinyl, all the early records that we started in 1985. And Rob and I had our own label. So all these things coming back out on vinyl. And some of the extra tracks that I didn’t even remember.

When we were in the studio, usually we used everything we recorded, but some of the things we had a couple of extra songs here and there. So there’s gonna be a few surprises. I was surprised. And I was actually surprised how good these records sound, to be honest. That’s a different-sounding band, ’cause we started off kind of punk and we went through different guitarists every three months. So it changed the sound, but you can really see the path of the band evolving.”

As for her current relationship with Rob Zombie:

“You know, he hasn’t spoken to any of us since the band broke up…”