Tool’s Maynard James Keenan Recounts The Time He Was Mistaken For Moby


Tool/Puscifer, etc. frontman Maynard James Keenan answered a series of oddball questions for as part of their ’11 Questions’ series. Keenan was quite forthcoming with his answers and shared the following humorous tale of once being mistaken for Moby:

“Oh, this is awesome. Ritz Carlton. Cleveland. There’s a mall attached to it, and I think back in the day there was a Sam Goody in it. I was in there, and this little woman kept following me around the store, and I started thinking, did she think I stole something? I’m getting nervous because this woman is following me around, and I’m wondering if I accidentally stuck a small TV in my pocket unconsciously just from being so tired from the bus ride. Why is she stalking me?

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Finally I went down an aisle that didn’t have an opening, and it’s like oh, I’m fucked. She comes up behind me, and I turn around and go: [In an apprehensive voice.] “Hey,” expecting her to say, “I need you to open up your bag,” but instead she asks me, “Are you Moby?” She thought I was Moby. I’m like, “You mean the 7-foot-tall dude who’s all energetic? No. I’m not that guy.””

You can read his replies to the other 10 questions at Puscifer‘s new album “Money Shot” is now available in stores.

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