Fan Alleges He Was Beaten Up By Glenn Danzig & Security For Taking Pictures At Montreal Show (Updated)


Update – October 20th 9:39am:

Dalton has further spoken out on the incident, read what he had to say here.

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Update – October 19th 1:11pm:

Metal Injection have gotten word from a few fans who disputed Dalton‘s telling of events, as well as one fan who confirms the assault took place—though not exactly how Dalton recalled:

“I went outside just before the encores to wait and meet Glenn. I was sitting on the steps outside Metropolis, when I seen a couple of security guards carrying a guy outside. The guy was Neil Dalton. Danzig‘s bodyguard came outside and began threatening Neil. Neil yelled back and was calling the security and bodyguard pussies and made his claim that he spent all that money to see Danzig.

After about ten minutes of arguing with the bodyguard and being pushed around by him, Neil finally took off. [Neil] re-entered the venue after being told not to come back. That’s when things got ugly and sure enough Neil got tossed back out this time bloodied up and shoeless. He kept instigating the security and bodyguards by yelling names at them and not leaving like he was told.

Right after the show ended, Glenn came running out and engaged Neil and threw a kick to Neil’s ribs, and connected. He also swung a couple punches that missed before security got Glenn on his bus. Glenn kept calling Neil a motherfucker.”

Original Story:

It’s long been known that Danzig enforces a strict no photo/filming policy (example #1, example #2) during his live performances. Despite this, a fan by the name of Neil Dalton apparently decided to break the rules and take picture(s) of Danzig during the band’s performance last night, October 18th, at the Metropolis in Montreal, QC. He made the following allegations via his Facebook of what happened as a result:

“So I went to Danzig last night. Including the 100 dollars I spent on his merch plus the tickets time of work and traveling to Montreal to see him this is the price you pay for taking a photo of Danzig. He called me up on stage got got his pussy security guards to rough me up and held me back me back so he could hit me himself. Cops can’t do fuck all because we’re both not Canadian and they did it off camera and said I fell .could all my friends please share this because I want the world to know what a pussy the guy is.superjoint fucking ruled tho”

So I went to Danzig last night. Including the 100 dollars I spent on his merch plus the tickets time of work and…

Posted by Neil Dalton on Monday, October 19, 2015

Danzig Fan

Neil Dalton/Facebook

[via Metal Insider]

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