Phil Anselmo Talks About New Supergroup Scour, Featuring Cattle Decapitation, Etc. Members


Philip H. Anselmo (Down/Superjoint, ex-Pantera, etc.) has provided some more details on the upcoming group, Scour. That band feature members of Cattle Decapitation, Pig Destroyer and more. Speaking with, Anselmo offered:

“They asked me to sing on four songs. Everybody is freaking out on it. Really, it’s just another project to broaden the resume, I guess. I’m a free agent. The only bands I tour with are Down and Superjoint. The Illegals when we have the opportunity. But I’ve got a lot of different irons in the fire. Scour is going to be fun. In my opinion, I think I can knock that shit out pretty quick. Then I’ve got two other bands I really wish I could talk about right now. Those are some collaborations with some very respected musicians in the underground. It’s my pleasure to work with them. You will know more about it when word gets out.”

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Writing also continues for his Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals band, who now feature guitarist Mike DeLeon in place of Marzi Montazeri. Anselmo told the aforementioned site of the material thus far:

“It’s fucking SCATHING! It’s going to be absolutely horrible for some. It’s gonna be miserable for others. For others, maybe they’ll get it. It’s fast. I’ll say that. It’s unforgiving, that’s all that I’ll say.”