Ice Nine Kills Detail New Album “Every Trick In The Book”


Ice Nine Kills will release their new album “Every Trick In The Book” on December 04th. The effort will arrive through their new label home of Fearless Records. Vocalist Spencer Charnas commented:

“This album is a tribute to some of the greatest literature ever written, dating from as early as the 1600’s, to as recent as the 1970’s. These works tap into the dark recesses of the human psyche. You will journey through the horrors of addiction, possession, oppression, alienation, forbidden love, the quest for immortality, the duality of man, and in other words, the things that make life so complex. Our hope is to expose a younger generation to these stories, which are as compelling and relatable today as the day when they were first published.”

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A new single titled “Bloodbath & Beyond” will be released tonight digitally. The track listing and cover art for the release can be found below:

Ice Nine Kills - Every Trick In The Book

01 – “The Nature Of The Beast
02 – “Communion Of The Cursed
03 – “Bloodbath & Beyond
04 – “The Plot Sickens
05 – “Star-Crossed Enemies
06 – “Me, Myself & Hyde
07 – “Alice
08 – “The People In The Attic
09 – “Tess-Timony
10 – “Hell In The Hallways

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