Butcher Babies On Their Nipple Tape Days: “We’re So Much More Successful Without That Look”


If you’ve ever image searched the Butcher Babies there’s a good chance you’ve seen their nipple tape phase. Frontwoman Carla Harvey told Revolver in their latest issue:

“You know, I just saw an ad for a show we’re playing later this summer, and it’s a photo of me and Heidi wearing the nipple tape six years ago. Obviously, they’re trying to promote the show, but we’re gonna contact them and have them take it down. We’re so much more successful without that look. I just think it’s silly to try to rehash it.”

Vocalist Heidi Shepherd added:

“What’s funny is that our Wendy O. Williams phase was only six months long, but everybody talks about it, even after six years. But it was never for attention. I mean, our band is named after a Plasmatics song. It was all an ode to Wendy O. To us, it wasn’t about going out there like, ‘Look at my titties!’ [Laughs.] It was about Wendy O.‘s fuck-the-world attitude.”

Going by comments the band previously made, the added benefit of support when rocking out also prevents any future breast implant related injuries.

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