New Details Emerge On Metallica/Converge/Torche, Etc. Supergroup


While discussing his band Harmonic Cross over at Noisey, Brent Eyestone also spoke a bit about his new supergroup project which features himself and his Harmonic Cross bandmate Graham Scala, plus Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, Torche drummer Rick Smith and Nate Newton from Converge/Doomriders. Eyestone said of that:

“I have family in Virginia so I go back there, or I’ll bring Graham out here to do stuff, like I started up this project recently with Robert from Metallica and Rick from Torche. Because of the trust between us I said, “Hey Graham, if you can get to the airport tonight, I’ll pick you up in the morning and explain everything.” I picked him up and said, “You’re going to be playing with these guys,” and he said, “What the fuck is happening?”

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“It’s a project through the Tony Hawk Foundation. It’s me, Robert Trujillo, Rick Smith, Graham, and then Nate Newton from Converge and Doomriders. We’re doing this record, it’s just going to be a couple of tracks that we’re going to put it out digitally and on vinyl. All the money that comes in will be donated to the Tony Hawk Foundation.

We all like to skate and we believe in that charity; making free skateparks for lower-income areas. There’s no name and no release date, but once it’s done all proceeds will go to public skateparks. We’re just rabid musicians who want to make new stuff and not put a cap on what it is. It could be an ambient record, it could be a weird, negative hardcore record, or just a band with people we didn’t think we could get.”

Harmonic Cross will release their new outing “It Is Finished” tomorrow, through Eyestone‘s own Magic Bullet Recordings.

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