(hed)p.e. Frontman Apologizes For Making Negative Remarks Onstage About Local Bands


Though it’s not entirely clear what was said, (hed)p.e. frontman Jared Gomes issued a public apology for some negative remarks he made onstage regarding the local acts at a show In Indianapolis, IN last night. Speaking via Facebook, Gomes stated:

“i’d like to apologize to the local bands from last night in Indianapolis. i was out of line pure and simple. i’m only human and its not the first time i’ve said something on stage i later came to regret. hopefully it was the last time. hedpe’s music is so fucking aggressive at times, my chakras are wide open and it requires alot of discipline to control my tongue. i’m going to put forth a massive effort to be more disciplined. With great power comes great responsibility. good luck with your music, i wish every unsigned-local artist all the luck in the world. ONWARD AND UPWARD!”

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Comments made on the post suggest that Gomes was unhappy with the local acts work promoting the show (which was allegedly a small turnout) as well as an issue with payment.

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