Refused In Stockholm, SWE

Watch Refused Perform New Three New Songs Live At Secret Stockholm, SWE Show


Refused have been performing new songs at a series of somewhat low profile shows in Europe as of late. Fan-filmed footage of their secret show at the Orionteatern in Stockholm, Sweden this past Saturday, April 25th, can be seen below. In addition to opening the set with new song “Elektra“, they also gave world premieres to two new tracks “Françafrique” (hear it at 9:10 in) and “Dawkins Christ” (skip to 17:35 In.) The show further marked the debut of their apparent new touring guitarist, Mattias Bärjed of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives fame. As an added bonus, you might as well just listen onward from “Françafrique“, as the group bust into a partial cover of Slayer‘s “Raining Blood” during “The Deadly Rhythm“.

The set list for the show ran as follows:

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01 – “Elektra
02 – “The Shape Of Punk To Come
03 – “The Refused Party Program
04 – “Françafrique
05 – “The Deadly Rhythm
06 – “Dawkins Christ
07 – “Worms Of The Senses / Faculties Of The Skull
08 – “T.V. Eye” (Iggy And The Stooges cover)
09 – “Fun House” (Iggy And The Stooges cover)

Both of the aforementioned new songs will appear on the bands forthcoming album “Freedom“, out June 30th on Epitaph.

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