Slipknot/Stone Sour Singer Corey Taylor Guests On New Track From Rapper Tech N9ne


Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman lent his voice to a new track from rapper Tech N9ne titled “Wither“. That song is due for inclusion Tech N9ne‘s upcoming new album, “Special Effects“, out May 04th. Tech N9ne also spoke with Loudwire about the song, offering:

“I’ve got people in my phone right now trying to call me that don’t deserve to have my love around them because how bad they talk to me. Being my blood, you don’t talk to me like you’re gonna come and kill me. I’m in Australia and I read how Mick [Thomson‘s] brother stabbed him in the head and I’m looking at this shit like, ‘I can’t go through this with my family, man. I’ve just got to stay away because your blood will kill you. What if Mick died, man? Paul [Gray] was enough. What the fuck?

I’ve been a maggot since 1999. To actually have those major features like that on a hip-hop album, man? You know, I’m sizzlin’. This album should be called ‘Genre Bender’ because anything we took to the hilt, if we’re going to do the darkness, we went to the darkest.”

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