Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Talks New Album, Avenged Sevenfold Controversy & Gangsta Rap On ‘The Jasta Show’


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett is the featured guest on the newest episode of Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta‘s ‘The Jasta Show‘. Lots of ground was covered, including that Hammett would love to make a horror movie as long as someone else financed it. He also shrugged off the controversy that Avenged Sevenfold borrowed a bit too heavily from the band on their latest album, “Hail To The King“. Hammett said of the matter: “As long as it isn’t the same fucking five notes, for me, it’s forgivable.”

In addition to revealing past addictions to gangsta rap and more, he also shed some light on some setbacks. Including a surfing accident that hypextended both of his knees and the loss of an iPhone that he estimates had around 250 musical ideas on. The conversation of course also touched upon the bands new album, to which Hammett offered:

“The stuff that’s coming up, is super riffy, super heavy—you know, we’ve developed a vocabulary of just, you know, how we express ourselves through riffs and technique and lets just say that that vocabulary is well versed.

I would say that it’s a lot similar to “Death Magnetic“, but different in certain parts. James is doing a lot of really, really cool melody stuff these days, a lot of vocal layers. “Lords Of Summer” is like, you know, a good sort of example of that beginning. You know, we’re just jamming stuff out. But I could say if there’s any album that I could compare the stuff that we’re working on to, I would say that it’s a lot like “Death Magnetic“. Ok, there’s a couple songs that remind me of something on “…And Justice For All“, but the album does not sound like “…And Justice For All“.”

While no producer is firmly attached to the project just yet, Hammett did confirm that the group have again been working with Greg Fidelman (Slipknot, Slayer) on the project.

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