Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Comments On New Bassist’s Identity, Speaks Of Burning Camel Shit


Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor was recently interviewed by teen radio host Corey Taylor of During their chat Taylor (of Slipknot, etc. fame) more or less the confirmed the rumors that the bands new bassist is Alessandro ‘Vman’ Venturella of Krokodil. He said of that:

“They’re not official band members yet, but they are people who play with the band. Time will tell whether or not they’re, like, full members. With this band, you earn everything. You’re not just given that shot; you have to earn it. And so far, they’re doing really well. And we’re really enjoying jamming with them.

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But we’re keeping it kind of on the DL, but not really, ’cause somebody already pointed out the tattoos. I was, like, ‘Why didn’t we make him wear gloves?’ I was so upset. I was, like, we thought of all this stuff. We put the hood on him and then the mask, and it was, like, ‘It’s really hot, guys,’ And then there is his tattoos for everybody. I was, like, ‘Well, we missed the mark on that one.'”

Taylor also spoke of the ‘Scent Of Knotfest‘, which he attributed to percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan:

“He’s a very, very weird character—and I’m saying that out of love Clown—I don’t want him to hit me with a stick if I say this. But he had this idea for the smell of Slipknot and ‘I’m like OK, alright, you have my attention.’ Now i’m thinking its some type of aromatherapy weirdness, some kind of incense stick. But he’s like ‘no, no, no.

We’re going to dry camel dung and burn it in barrels around the fairgrounds’ [laughs.] I’m just staring at him, just like ‘really? that’s what we smell like is burning camel poo?’ To each is own, I’m not going to light up a nice little stick of camel poo at my house to just chill, ya know. But the fans love it for some reason, cause we did it at the first ‘Knotfest‘ and you could kind of smell it in the air, but it was very kind of weird.”

Taylor also opened up on his transforming new mask, saying:

“With every album my mask has evolved and evolved and eolved. So this one specifically is supposed to represent the person behind the mask, but then the person behind that person. Which is one of the reasons why it’s two pieces. You can peel the one off and it’s still a representation… It’s almost like having two faces, but it’s the same person.”

Slipknot will release their new album “.5: The Gray Chapter” on October 21st through Roadrunner.