A Closer Look At Slipknot’s New Bassist & Drummer, Bassists Identity Revealed? (Updated)


Update – September 12th 10:14am:

It looks as though the hand tattoos of Slipknot‘s new bassist may have outted him. As MetalChapel have noticed, the tattoos look extremely similar to that of Alessandro ‘Vman’ Venturella, guitarist for Krokodil and guitar tech for Mastodon‘s Brent Hinds. A closer look at Venturella can be found here.

Original Story:

The identities of the new Slipknot drummer and bassist remain a mystery following the premiere of the bands new music video for their track “The Devil In I” (see it here.) The clip did however offer the public a first look at the new members of the bands rhythm section and their understated masks.

If you missed those in the editing overload of the clip, you can find some caps below. Meanwhile, in an amusing turn yesterday frontman Corey Taylor teased that there was more than meets the eye to his new mask. As the video shows, Taylor‘s mask does in fact transform, suggesting Taylor was quoting the ‘Transformers‘ tagline, ‘more than meets the eye’—if not the idiom itself. Slipknot‘s new album “.5: The Gray Chapter” will arrive on October 21st.

Slipknot's New Bassist

Slipknot's New Drummer