Philip H Anselmo Reveals The Albums He Wished He Made, Wants Played At His Funeral, Etc.


Metal legend Philip H Anselmo‘s (Down, ex-Pantera) low appraisal of Metallica‘s “Load for Metal Hammer got more than a few people talking. That full ‘Discs Of Doom’ feature, has now been published online over at Metal Hammer, though you’ll have to signup to read it in full. It finds Anselmo revealing various important albums to him with some excerpts posted below:

Anselmo stated that the album he wants to be remembered for is:

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“I’m going with my knee-jerk reaction here: the first record that pops in my head is Vulgar Display Of Power. I don’t think there’ll be any arguments there and I think people will understand that without any explanation at all!”

The album Anselmo wishes he had made himself is Slayer‘s “Hell Awaits“:

“When Hell Awaits came out, the sound and production of metal was going through many changes. Besides Trouble, the first band that really stepped it up for crunch was Metallica with Kill ’Em All. That’s fine and all – it’s a classic record – but I’m a sucker for odes to Old Nick, so I’ll take Hell Awaits for its creativity and absolute disdain for all things Christian.”

The album he wants played at his funeral is U2‘s “War“.

“Well it’s a funeral environment, so let’s make it as gothic and tragic as possible. Some old U2 would be perfect, man, something like Drowning Man, which is on War. It’d also be good to make a mixtape of stuff with Asleep by The Smiths and The Child’s Right by Swans on there.”

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