Glenn Danzig’s Misfits Trademark Lawsuit Dismissed


Glenn Danzig‘s lawsuit against Jerry Only over usage of the Misfits logo and trademarks has been dismissed. This is of course the very resolution Only had previously hoped for.

Danzig was alleging to be entitled to a share of the profits made by Only and Cyclopian Music for various licensing deals. He also alleged there were shady business practices employed to keep him cut out of the profits.

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This past Wednesday a judge dismissed Danzig‘s suit on the grounds that he had failed to state a claim upon which relief may be grantedAs reports, Danzig failed to specify exactly which terms of a 1994 agreement between himself and Only were breached.

That agreement grants both parties non-exclusive rights to the merchandising related to the Misfits logo, band name, etc. Furthermore, that agreement allows each party to retain all profits of their individual ventures without having to share with the other party.

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