Misfits’ Legal Battle Continues As Jerry Only Attempts To Have Glenn Danzig’s Trademark Suit Dismissed


The Misfits‘ legal brouhaha continues with Jerry Only now filing various documents in a California court which seek to have a judge dismiss ex-Misfits vocalist Glenn Danzig‘s trademark infringement lawsuit. Previously Only publically disputed the claims made in the lawsuit filed by Glenn Danzig.

In that suit Danzig alleges his own entitlement to proceeds from the Misfits trademarks and claimed Only and his company Cyclopian Music made shady dealings to keep Danzig away from any profits.

- Advertisement - have once again gotten their hands on the latest filings which attempt to poke holes in Danzig‘s case. They cite a 6-year statute of limitations being exceeded, lack of evidence and Danzig‘s inactivity in actually using the trademarks in question.

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