Chelsea Grin’s Recent Royalty Check Is Surprisingly Healthier Than Most (Updated)


All too often when heavier bands show off their royalty check the sum amounts to pennies. At least one artist isn’t doing too bad by comparison. As part of a Twitter conversation with fans and Lambgoat today, Chelsea Grin shared the following unspecified royalty statement that is substantially larger than most. There is an admitted lack of context to the check however, so this could account for the higher sum.—the band band have clarified the check was from ASCAP.

The check in question is dated May 12th, 2014 and thus doesn’t reflect the nearly 10,600 copies the band just sold of their new album “Ashes To Ashes” during its first week of release. The group managed to land at #27 on Billboard‘s Top 200 Album’s chart with that haul. That feat is even more impressive considering the effort leaked online over a month ahead of its official release last Tuesday, July 08th.

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Chelsea Grin's ASCAP Royalty Statement

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