Further Details Emerge On Tool’s Legal Woes Which Have Prevented Their New Album’s Release


Further details on the lawsuit Tool are facing which has apparently been hampering the release of their new album for the past eight or so years has come to light. The lawsuit was brought against the band, their label Sony BMG Entertainment, clothing retailer Hot Topic and more by visual artist Cam De Leon (

That lawsuit was originally filed in June 2005 with De Leon alleging he had created nearly all of the artwork for the band as early as 1991 through to the release of “Aenima” in 1996. Among De Leon‘s contributions were the “Tool Wrench” logo, the “Ocular Orifice”, “Gnats” and “Medicine Man”.

De Leon‘s various contributions allegedly earned him the distinction of “the closet fifth member of Tool” as was posted on their official website at the time. De Leon‘s suit originally hinged on him being unhappy with what he was paid for his work and that their usage exceeded the licenses he granted them.

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The group had initially sought to dismiss the ten claims filed against them back in 2006 by De Leon but a judge denied the motion. As the band recently revealed the case will finally go to trial this January.