Iron Reagan (Municipal Waste, Ex-Darkest Hour) Sign With Relapse Records


Iron Reagan (Municipal Waste, ex-Darkest Hour, etc.) have signed with Relapse Records. The band are currently tracking their new album at Torment Studios in Richmond, VA with Converge‘s Kurt Ballou due to handle the mix. The group expect to have the album out this fall with frontman Tony Foresta offering:

“I’ve always wanted to work with Relapse for years. Their reputaion of releasing so much great underground music speaks for itself. We are all extremely excited about signing with Relapse and putting out this rager of an upcoming record. Having Kurt Ballou on board mixing is just the icing on he cake. We are about 75% done tracking the record here with Phil in Richmond and between this and the rad tours we have coming up its looking to be a very exciting year. I couldnt think of a better label to put this record out on and am really looking forward to a long future with Relapse.”

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The bands immediate touring plans can be found here.

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