Burger Inspired By The Band Ghost Creates Controversy Thanks To Communion Wafer Topping


A burger inspired by the band Ghost (aka Ghost B.C.) created by Chicago, IL-based metal burger joint Kuma’s Corner has been raising the ire of a number of people lately (see here and here.) The issue at hand with the burger—named ‘The Ghost’—is the option to have it come with a topping of an (unconsecrated) communion wafer.

The satanic leaning Swedish outfit have expectedly been relishing in the controversy created by the burger. Kuma’s Corner themselves advertised the new addition to their menu as follows:

“Okay Mortals, it’s the first of the month and we are proud to announce the following:
In the spirit of our undying reverence for the lord and all things holy, we give you the Ghost which we think is a fitting tribute to the supreme blasphemous activities carried out by the band itself.
10oz patty
Ghost chile aioli
Slow braised Goat shoulder
Aged white cheddar cheese
Red Wine Reduction (the blood of christ)
with Communion Wafer garnish (the body of christ)

Come pay your respects!”

Kuma’s Corner‘s director of operations Luke Tobias defended the controversial choice of topping, telling the Chicago Tribute: “The thing with this is, the communion wafer is unconsecrated, so until that happens, it’s really just a cracker.” You can see it below:

The Ghost Burger

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