Zao Hoping To Record New Album “Very Soon”


Zao are in the “final stages” of moving forward with a new studio album. The band stated in a recent interview:

…We have been working on new material for a good bit. We are in the final stages of getting everything ready so hopefully we will be recording it very soon. All of the other bands are very active with playing and recording. Jeff has released 2 records with Emanuel, and both Marty and Scott and Dan‘s bands are recording as we speak.”

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Explaining the bands relative absence in recent years, they offered:

“…All of us have full time jobs are are just doing our separate things. Zao is definitely still a priority, it just takes a little more work to get things moving.”

When asked later if the group were active in light of all the recent side projects, they replied:

Zao is still very active and not broken up, everyone lives in different regions and all of us have music styles we want to explore.”

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