Marilyn Manson To Direct New Music Video From Rapper Kevin McCall


Marilyn Manson has signed on to direct at least one music video for rapper/songwriter (and well-known Chris Brown associate) Kevin McCall (aka K-Mac). McCall recently told

“I’ve been doing a lot of work for Marilyn Manson, I’ve been trying to venture out into that crowd. It’s real different. He’s such a visual genius. He’s gonna direct a couple of videos for me. I actually met him through Gucci Mane, which is weird and Gucci Mane is my big bro, we do a lot of work together, so it’s so funny to meet such a rock icon through a trap dude. It just shows you the power of music. It could really unite people.”

Manson himself took to his Facebook earlier today (April 22nd) to address the pairing with a post that linked to McCall‘s VEVO account. It read:

“This may seem confusing. It’s almost like getting punched in the face. Or someone saying, “hello,” when you expected “goodbye”…

I met this gentleman, and what happens next is for me to know and for everyone to find out.

This video was made before our collaboration, but I felt the need to share it.

What does it all mean?

Is it just mean…or me?

It’s about to get very…


Manson has of course been branching out considerably as of late, having also recently collaborated with Avril Lavigne.