Alice In Chains Reveal Tentative Track Titles For “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”


A number of tentative track titles for Alice In Chains‘ forthcoming new studio album “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” were revealed in the latest issue of Revolver—which also sees the band, complete with a short haired Jerry Cantrell, gracing the cover. Tracks set to appear on the album, which will arrive in late May, include:

Low Ceiling
The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Lab Monkey
Hung On A Hook
Pretty Done
Breath On A Window
Phantom Limb

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According to the article, the title track in particular will see the band courting controversy with a chorus that goes, “The devil put dinosaurs here/Jesus don’t like a queer… No problem with faith, just fear.”

Band vocalist/guitarist William DuVall said of the track:

“We had to think a bit and discuss what the potential fallout might be. There’s a fine line between provoking and gratuitous offending. And there’s also a fine line between provoking and preaching.”

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