Rosetta Preview New Material


Rosetta have shared some previews of some new material they have in the works. You can check them out here and here respectively. Speaking of the tracks and the groups forthcoming releases, they offered:

“The flooding of Translator Audio in October derailed our plans for December recording sessions. We were going to track a 4-song EP, which we would follow with a full length sometime late in 2013. There was no way to make it work after Sandy, so our plans changed.

We’re in the middle of recording an EP ourselves. Instead of a 4-song showcase of newer sounds, this is a big single-song experiment — a studio piece where we get to make sounds that we wouldn’t get to make otherwise, with no intention of it ever being performed live. It’s just a big empty canvas, motivated by the question of what is possible from a compositional standpoint, rather than a performance standpoint. We can’t play like a 10-piece band, but we can write like one. It’s also fun to use many more different instruments than we could ever possibly bring on tour. The teasers last night are from one section of this long piece, which is being constructed piecemeal.

In July, we’ll record a new full length with Andrew Schneider. Translator won’t be back up by then, but we’ll do it wherever we need to so we can work with Andrew.

Don’t ask about release dates for either of these, we don’t know. We’ll work hard to get them out as soon as we can.”

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