Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Covers He Is Legend, Alice In Chains, Etc., Speaks Further On Abandoning Physical Media


Machine Head vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn‘s recent run of solo acoustic shows saw him tackle some interesting choices. Below you can watch him offer up intimate renditions of He Is Legend‘s “Stranger Danger” (whom he has rightfully been championing a lot as of late), Alice In Chains‘ “Sunshine“, Foo Fighters‘ “Everlong” and Pink Floyd‘s “Wish You Were Here” during the shows.

Furthermore, he has taken to the internet to speak a bit more on the the controversy that followed his thoughts on fully embracing digital media. As part of his ongoing journals, he opened up on the matter with the following:

“Well you guys have spoken, and actually continue to speak, as I still get emails pouring into my inbox. Quite a passionate response about this subject and deservedly so. Apparently my comments caused quite a stir.

Just to expand on my thoughts a bit;

Look, I’m in a band, I’ve lived on a bus/van/plane for well over 25 years of my life now. I live out of a suitcase, that resides on a tour bus, with 10 people (imagine a studio apartment on wheels, with 9 roommates) for 10 months out of a year at times. My life needs to be efficient, it needs to be compact, it needs to be portable. Sure, I used to carry a big-ass CD wallet everywhere with beer-soaked, scratched up CD’s and it was a pain, so yeah, the Spotify / iTunes world fits me perfect.

But, I also realize this isn’t most people’s life.

Most people don’t need the portability I do. Lot’s of people said they love iTunes and streaming. Lot’s of people said they would like a CD, and of course, for the time being, we will continue to sell CD’s. That’s never been a question, as long as there are stores to stock CD’s, we will sell CD’s.

And with and offering CD quality and higher files, that’s a cool thing the future is bringing to files. But also, as I’m sure as most of you know, stores to purchase CD’s are getting harder and harder to find.

HMV (the last UK based CD chain) just closed shop, FNAC and Virgin France just closed. Here in the US Best Buy has cut CD rack space down from 24 racks to 4 racks!

I have a ritual I’ve done for every release since Burn My Eyes in 1994, where first day, I go in and buy our album. Call it good luck, or whatever, I love my rituals. But believe you me, I was stunned, STUNNED, when I went into Ameoba Records in Hollywood (I was in LA on the Jason Ellis show day of release) and saw our regular album NOT on sale, but full price for $16.99.

I spent $40 bucks buying the 2 editions. It was wrong, it’s supposed to be on sale the first week / first month. You reward the die-hards, reward the Head Cases for going out there and supporting you first day/week/month. It’s a thank you. We were pissed, fans weren’t stoked. Shit like this has to change, it has to, and we as a band (with your help) have to figure out a way around it.”

Stranger Danger” (He Is Legend cover):

Sunshine” (Alice In Chains cover):

Everlong” (Foo Fighters cover):

Wish You Were Here” (Pink Floyd cover):