Metallica’s Kirk Hammet: “We’re Going To Seriously Start Thinking About Making A New Album Soon”


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet has told that the group may have “too many ideas” for their next album. Speaking with the site, he stated:

“We’re going to seriously start thinking about making a new album soon. We have tons of ideas, and that really is never a problem. We never have a lack of ideas — if anything, the problem is we have too many ideas. But, yeah… it’s something we’re gonna start thinking pretty seriously about here. In about a couple months or so we’re gonna seriously start working it out.”

He also spoke of the groups forthcoming 3D movie, which was directed by Nimrod Antal (“Predators“, “Armored“) and will arrive in the summer of next year. The film—which was shot during a show in Vancouver, BC this past August—will feature professional actors, including Dean DeHaan (“Chronicle“, “True Blood“). It will also boast “a storyline that weaves in and out of the film…but there’s no real dialogue. The storyline actually involves the band, and it’s a very cool thing.”

In the meantime, the band have a December 10th release date set for their new live Blu-ray/DVD set, “Quebec Magnetic“.