Melvins’ Buzz Osborne Accuses Rob Zombie Of Playing To Tape


Melvins vocalist/guitarist Buzz Osborne still has an axe to grind with Rob Zombie. Speaking recently with, Osborne tossed a few more barbs Zombie‘s way via the following exchange:

For a working band, whatever that means, there’s a certain concept of a work ethos. For you guys, is it just “time to make the donuts”, or if you had a zillion bucks would you still be doing zany tours and putting out multiple albums a year?

Um, I dunno. Honestly, I think that millionaires should probably work harder than anyone else; they have the ability to do it, and generally speaking, it translates into nothing. I mean, you gotta remember, we’re gonna play our ninth show in a row tonight. No bands ever do that. We’ve already surpassed– I mean, do you think on the White Zombie/Marilyn Manson tour they do more than two shows in a row? Those guys aren’t working four days a week, so we’ve already surpassed all that. And lots of other bands don’t do that either. So tonight we’re playing our ninth show in a row, that’s like literally asking most rock bands to drop to their knees and slit their wrists. “What do you expect me to do?”

Well, be fair, Buzz; Rob Zombie’s got to protect his voice there.

Oh yeah! Sure. He really has to protect it when he’s running that tape. I don’t know how he handles it! Fortunately, in this day and age, you actually have to give props to bands who literally play their instruments. That’s how fucked up everything is. Totally weird. I mean, seventy-year-old Paul McCartney can get onstage and play with a real band; 45 year old Rob Zombie can’t do it. That’s just stupid.

On the other hand, you’re comparing Rob Zombie to Paul McCartney.

But if Paul McCartney can do it, everyone should be able to do it, and that certainly isn’t the case, by no means. You’d be surprised how many bands don’t play their instruments live. They’re all like Milli Vanilli, 100%. But whatever– who am I to say people are stupid who want to go and see a band jump around to a tape. If that’s what people want, who am I to call them an idiot?”