Candiria Guitarist Speaks On His Bands Own Van Accident In Wake Of Baroness Bus Crash


While it may be a touch sensational, Candiria guitarist John LaMacchia recently shared some insight into his bands own devastating van accident while on tour in 2002. The discussion of course came about in the wake of Baronessrecent bus crash in the UK.

An excerpt from the Q&A can be found below with the full piece available over at

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What was it like getting back on the road to tour for the first time afterwards?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m pretty sure everyone else was as scared as I was. No one wanted to get back in a van, so our answer was an RV. For some reason, we felt a little safer in a bigger vehicle. As for myself, between post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction to prescription drugs at that point and differences in the artistic vision of the band, [all of that] led to me leaving the band temporarily. Looking back, though, I know I just needed to get off the road. It’s just what I needed at that time for my sanity.

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