Dance Gavin Dance’s Jonny Craig Reportedly Ejected From “All Stars Tour” (Updated)


Dance Gavin Dance vocalist Jonny Craig looks to have been ejected from the “All Stars Tour“. While details are scarce, his antics were enough for tour organizer Ash Avildsen to publically call him out on Twitter last night with the following tweet:

“@jonnycraig4L Yo you drug addict low class thief. You have 5 minutes to apologize to everyone you have wronged on @TheAllStarsTour or urgone”

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The pair later appeared to end off on a civil note, though Craig later offered the following tweets:

“Sorry guys I won’t be on anymore all stars dates.”

“Hey! At least it wasn’t drugs lol ”

“DGD is doing secret band shit for the rest of the tour. Go check it out.”

“Goooooooodluck with all that ”

“I don’t have any hate towards anyone : ) I’m going to get into my bed and sleep and when I wake up everything will work itself out.”

“And if it doesn’t. It’s not the end of the world.”

“Shit happens and I’m here to sing. Get with the programmmmmm”

Meanwhile, it appears that Suicide Silence‘s Dan Kenny is also involved, as he tweeted the following to Avildsen today:

“@ashavildsen sorry for all this crap! My knee is shot but I know Mr. Craig did not do it on purpose… He is just a butthole by default”

Update – August 12th 4:14pm:

The official Twitter of the All Stars Tour has since confirmed Jonny Craig will no longer be on the tour. The following tweet was made earlier today regarding that:

Dance Gavin Dance will remain on the tour but without Jonny Craig.”

Craig himself also followed up on the situation with the following tweets:

“It’s not Important why I’m not on Allstars what is important is that it had nothin to do with drugs or booze.”

“DGD is gonna be just as good without me! Promise!”