Converge’s Nate Newton Discusses The Perils Of Tour Food In The 90’s


Converge bassist/vocalist Nate Newton has written an interesting look at the sad state of eating while on tour in the later half of the 90’s. The feature is now available on and you can read an excerpt from it below:

“Born in the grand tradition of the intrepid Texas rangers who spent their days on horseback bringing banditos to justice in the old West is, punk stew stalwart of tour food. At its essence, punk stew is a sad amalgam of soup and chili, or at least that what it’s supposed to be. When I started spending a lot of time on the road in the mid-90s, there were quite a few vegan straight edge “promoters” in the hardcore scene.

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There was one in every town: a somewhat slovenly guy who accessorized way too much, namely tight chokers and Krishna beads (though he was rarely a devotee), and his clothes were ill-fitting and usually consisted of a pair of cutoff “shorts” that were easily eight sizes to big and barely cleared his Jack Purcells. His shirt usually had a graphic that mimicked the logo of a metal band, but instead of the band’s name it said VEGAN.

He often had a shirtsleeve on his head holding back dreadlocks. His backpack was covered in patches, and not good patches—just whatever came in the shitty 7-inches from his distro. This guy lived in every town in America and Canada in the 90s and somehow continued to thrive in Europe for an additional five or so years.”

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