Marilyn Manson Speaks On His Former Label Home Interscope Records


Marilyn Manson had few kind things to say about his former label home Interscope Records in a recent interview. The following discussion took place in the latest issue of “Revolver” magazine, which features Manson on the cover:

Born Villain is your first album to be released by the label Cooking Vinyl in conjunction with your own label, Hell, Etc. What was the problem with Interscope, your former label?

They don’t care about music. They never did. I mean, Jimmy Iovine used to, when he produced records a long time ago, They care about Vitamin Water… And when you’ve got so much money, it’s just about ego. I don’t really care what their problem is. I was just happy to get out of there. And I have to be objective. I don’t take it personally. I don’t regret the records I made — I regret the way they treated them. I think I made great records, and they tried to dilute the very essence of what they signed me for. “Don’t be so offensive” — what the fuck does that mean? “Don’t be what we signed you for. Don’t be what you are.””

Manson‘s new album “Born Villain” is presently scheduled for a May 01st North American release date.